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Lumen Prize 2013 Winners Announced

We are delighted to announce that Katerina Athanasopoulou has won the 2013 Lumen Prize, worth $3000, with her time-based work, Apodemy. 

The Lumen Prize 2013 Runner-up Prize of $1000 has gone to Bonjour Interactive Lab with its interactive work, Passage.

The Lumen Prize Finaliast, who wins $750, is Nicolas Feldmeyer with a 2D work. 

The People's Choice Winner has been awarded to Ginevra Boni for her 2D work, Wilderness. Boni's work received the highest score from a month-long online contest in which over 3000 voters registered.

The Lumen Prize Founder's Award has gone to Genetic Moo for their interactive, time-based work, 'Mother.

Congratulations to all!