Lumen's 2014/15 tour opened at Llandaff Cathedral, Cardiff before moving to the brand-new Cardiff School of Art and Design, Cardiff, Wales. It was then installed in the beautiful Onassis Cultural Centre in Athens in the month of November, followed by a show at the NYIT's Auditorium on Broadway in New York City. Lumen opened at Amsterdam's Art 'otel's Gallery 5 & 33 on January 9th and ran to the end of the month. The London show will open on May 14 at The Crypt Gallery, St Pancras Church, Euston and run to May 22.

The Lumen Prize Exhibition is installed on large-scale screens, PCs, and high-definition projectors at all of its venues. Many works are also shown in print form or as interactive displays. At each venue, the Lumen exhibition supports local and international charities as well as engages with audiences and artists through symposia, seminars, and similar educational outreach. It aims to share the curation of its shows with art collleges and to collaborate with local artists through 'open call' events wherever possible.


October 22: Lumen Digital Art Symposium, Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens Greece. To listen to the seminar, please click here. (Starts at 45.15)

October 31 - November 30 : Onassis Cultural Centre's Lumen Show, Athens, Greece

November 6: Lumen Highlights Show in Canary Wharf, London.

December 1-5, 2014: Lumen Show at New York's Auditorium on Broadway, New York Institute of Technology, NYC

December 3, 2014: Lumen Prize Digital Art Panel Discussion at School of Visual Arts, NYC.

January 9 - 31 , 2015. Lumen at Art 'otel Amsterdam.

January 17, 2015 Lumen Prize Seminar and Opening.

May 14-22,  2015 - Lumen Show at The Crypt Gallery. Digital Art Seminar on May 14 at 2pm in the Gallery.