Cyfest 11 St Petersburg, Russia

Cyberfest 11, St Petersburg Russia

2nd - 13th February 2018

St Petersburg

Lumen is delighted to be partnering with CYLAND Media Art Laboratory for CYFEST 11 in St Petersburg, Russia in February, 2018, where a selection of 2017 Lumen Prize works will be exhibited. 

CYLAND began their annual festival in 2007 and after several editions, this event has expanded and is now housed across some of the world's most prestigious institutions. Throughout its history, the Cyfest Festival has focused on studying the dialog between new and traditional visual languages, trying to show technological achievements through an artistic conversion. The show will take place in the fabled Russian Academy of Arts, formerly the Imperial Academy of Arts.

The 2018 Festival will examine how changes in the realm of digital technologies can be treated as if they were changes in the weather.  This is something that is beyond our control, but it directly affects our everyday life.

'Weather Forecast: Digital Cloudiness' runs from February 2nd - 13th.