International Selectors' Committee

International Selectors' Committee

Responsible for judging the first round of the 2017 Lumen Prize and deciding the Lumen Longlist, this year's International Selectors' Committee includes: 

Irini Papadimitriou is a curator, producer and cultural manager, working at the forefront of digital culture. As Digital Programmes Manager at the V&A Irini is responsible for the annual Digital Design Weekend, she is also Head of New Media Arts Development at Watermans, one of the UK’s leading venues for Digital/ New Media Arts with a long commitment in presenting innovative work as well as supporting emerging and established artists working with technology. 

Janice Lane is Director of Gallery Development & Visitor Experience at the National Museum Wales, which manages seven museums across Wales. Janice leads on Exhibitions and Gallery development, Digital Media, and Visitor Experience across the museums.  She works internationally and is a member of the ICOM UK committee.

William Latham is a designer of computer games, a computer artist and an entrepreneur. He has an expertise in evolutionary art, graphics, generative art, genetics, and the entertainment and video games industries. Latham is currently a professor of computing at Goldsmiths, University of London. 

Carla Gannis (@carlagannis) is a New York-based artist and is currently a professor and assistant chairperson of The Department of Digital Arts at Pratt Institute. Her artistic work examines the narrativity of 21st century representational technologies and reveals the hybrid nature of identity; since 2003 her  work has appeared in numerous solo and group exhibitions both nationally and internationally. In 2016 Carla was awarded The Lumen Prize Founder’s Award for her ongoing project The Selfie Drawings. 

Kelani Nichole (@kelaninichole) is an independent curator and user-centered design specialist. She is the owner and director of TRANSFER, an exhibition space in NYC that explores the friction between networked studio practice and its physical instantiation.  The gallery supports artists working with computer-based practices to realise solo exhibitions, and travels internationally promoting new formats for exhibition and appreciation of contemporary art.

Alessio de Vecchi (@alessiodevecchi) has been working for over twelve years as an art director and cg artist in New York, Milan and Tokyo with clients like Adidas, Samsung, Nike, Citibank, La Prairie, Shiseido, H&M, Ferrero, Nestle', Margiela, Deloitte, HBO, Green Cross, Cappellini. In addition, his creations have earned positive attention from Vogue Italia, I.D.Magazine, The Creators Project, Monitor, Icon, Frame. His work as a visual artist has been screened at Pause Fest 2015 in Melbourne and he was part of the Italian duo that won the 2016 Lumen Prize Gold Award for Hyperplanes of Simultaneity.

Ruth Catlow is an artist and co-founder of Furtherfield, an art-led platform for arts, technology and social change since 1996. As an artist, Ruth works and plays with emancipatory network cultures, practices and poetics to engender shared visions and new cultural infrastructures. Catlow has co-curated Furtherfield exhibition programmes since 2005 including Being Social, World Wild Web and Digital Zoo. 

Andy Lomas is a digital artist and Emmy award winning supervisor of computer generated effects. In 2014 he won the Lumen Prize Gold Award with Cellular Forms and received an honorary mention from the jury at Ars Electronica. 

Scott Draves is a pioneering software artist best known for creating the Electric Sheep a collective intelligence consisting of 450,000 computers that uses mathematics and genetic algorithms to create an infinite abstract animation. Electric Sheep won the 2015 Lumen Prize Founder’s Award. 

Laurence Hill is director and head programmer for Brighton Digital Festival. The festival brings together arts and culture, digital business, the city's two universities and the council for an annual, month-long, celebration and exploration of digital culture. Laurence is particularly interested in the subject of digital and 'otherness', which he is exploring through the festival programme and in his freelance work.

James E. Marks is the mastermind behind the #HackthePlanet virtual reality app, which was recently selected for the 20th annual Webby Awards. James is also the founder of the Immersive Arts Without Boundaries Festival #HACKSTOCK. 

Melanie Lenz holds the dual roles of Curator of Digital Art (Word & Image department) and Digital Programmes Manager (Learning department) at the Victoria & Albert Museum. Her interests include early digital art practices and contemporary visual culture.

Portland Green is a independent Curator and Producer with over 20 years experience in the contemporary arts and media sectors working on large-scale projects with national and international partners in the UK, Europe, Middle East and the US.  

Phil Dawson is the Head of Brand and Marketing for Leeds Dock where he is responsible for commissioning digital art. He has a background in design, communication & events, and has worked across multiple industries including music, hospitality, charity, fashion and media.

Genetic Moo (@GeneticMooare a UK based collaboration between Nicola Schauerman and Tim Pickup. Since 2008 they have been creating interactive art using computer code, graphics, sensors and projection.  In 2013 they received the Lumen Prize Founder’s Award and were selected for the ISEA2016 Open Sky Project in Hong Kong. 

Katerina Athanasopoulou​ is a Greek-born artist living in London who creates animated films for cinema and gallery space. Katerina is particularly interested in the place where Animation and Architecture meet: through the use of 3D animation, she builds digital spaces, which the viewer traverses as imagined documentaries. In 2013 she won the 2013 Lumen Prize Gold Award for her film Apodemy. 

Christian Petersen (@iwantyoustudio) is a graphic designer, photographer, artist, journalist and curator. His multidisciplinary company I Want You Studio is best known for its innovative and unique approach to design and branding. Petersen has been curating and writing about new media Art for over 10 years. He currently writes a bi-weekly column called Wednesday Web Artist of the Week for ArtSlant magazine.

Karen Janody (@janody) is curator at Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust, where she works with artists and designers to enhance the Patient Experience within the healthcare environment. Karen is a Director of Creative City, an art organisation that delivers participative artworks for the public space. She has spent the last 20 years producing arts projects that combine architecture, digital art and participation/performance, including working with The Liverpool Biennial Independent, the Artichoke Trust and Futurecity.

Also on this year's ISC: Oren Moshe, co-founder of Niio, Nick Lambert,  co-editor of White Heat Cold Logic: British Computer Art 1960 - 1980, Poppy Simpson, Head of Curation at Meural, Dafydd James, Head of Digital Media at the National Museum Wales, Nicholas Thornton, Head of Contemporary Art at the National Museum Wales, Mary Ginsberg, curator at the British Museum, and Serena Wallace-Turner, Lumen Director.