The Student Prize

The Student Prize

Introducing the Meural Student Prize for Still & Moving Image 
The Lumen Prize has partnered with Meural to launch the Meural Student Prize for Still & Moving Image open to students working with digital technology. 

The award celebrates emerging artists currently enrolled in a university or college for work that shows remarkable talent in the field of digital art. The award is open to all students working in still and moving image, including time-based media, generative art, glitch art, gif, animation and photo-manipulation. The recipient of the Meural Student Prize will receive a cash prize of $500 and their work will be shown alongside the winners of the 2017 Lumen Prize in London. They also have the opportunity to join us at the Winners’ Gala on September 21, 2017.

The Student Prize is free to enter, but to be eligible you must be enrolled in a university or college. 

How to Enter:

1) Register here.  

2) From your student email address, email, subject line “Meural Student Prize”, and include a scan of your student ID (an expiry date must be visible) we will then approve your account for free entry. 

3) Once permissioned, upload your entries following the steps here


  • Only one work can be submitted per student
  • You cannot enter both the Student Prize and the main Lumen Prize 
  • We do not accept digitised versions of traditional media. 
  • If your work is shortlisted we will check your student status and your work will be eliminated from the competition if it cannot be proved
  • Only still and moving image works are eligible 


About Meural

Meural is a startup at the intersection of art and technology. With the Meural Canvas, a connected digital frame designed to render each image lifelike and textured, Meural provide access to the past, present, and future of art. Incubated out of an artist collective ourselves, Meural understand the value of being on the ground floor of the artistic community. Today, through commissions, sponsorships, and sourcing, Meural remain dedicated to supporting emerging artists and photographers.