The Sand Letter by Seeeklab

8 Tips for Entering the Lumen Prize

By Carla Rapoport March 4, 2020

There are no secrets or magical formula, but there are good, better and best ways to enter your work for the Lumen Prize Awards. Based on 9 years experience, we’ve put together some tips on how to boost your chances of grabbing the Lumen judges’ attention. Please read on.


1. Read through the FAQs

It is a good place to start. Have a look at the deadline, the categories descriptions and all details: right here


2. Gather your material

The applications are submitted through online forms. You will need to fill in your contact and all the information about your artwork. This includes:

  • Your artist or collective name
  • The title of your artwork and the year it was made
  • All pictures, videos or links to document your artwork
  • A short and snappy description of the artwork (250 words max recommended).

Remember, it is essential to use an email address that you check regularly as we may contact you if anything is wrong with your application or if your work has been selected Videos must be hosted on Vimeo or YouTube. You may password protect them. If you wish to send a bigger file, for Virtual Reality for example, add a DropBox or Google Drive link in your artwork description.


3. Choose a strong image

Make a good impression! This will be the first thing judges will see on your application form, right next to the artwork title and your artist name.


4. Pick the right category

This can be a though one. We love artists with multidisciplinary practices, but it gets confusing if it can technically fit in several categories. You can ask yourself:

“What is my artwork’s strongest asset?”

Say your artwork’s main theme or medium is Artificial Intelligence, yet it’s a still image. It will probably fit better in the A.I category.

Or if you have an installation which includes a film or a projection but it can’t be dissociated from the sculptural elements, it should go in 3D/Interactive. Or you could also submit the film alone in the Moving Image category.

It is fine to enter the same artwork in two categories. But if you have any doubts, please email  

5. Name Your Collaborators

Who wrote the music for your video? Be sure to add a credit. If your collective has one name, be sure to list all the collaborators in the description of your work. If you are selected for the longlist, that’s the time to make sure we’ve got all their details.


6. Write a description for your artwork

What is your artwork about? What inspired you or what is your making process? Let the judges know with a short description and try to be clear and concise. This is not the place for an academic essay.

We recommend 250 words maximum.


7. Check your links!

Please make sure the links you share are working during the whole judging process, until late September. It would be a shame for the judges to miss a crucial part of your artwork because of a dead link!


8. Stay fresh

We may sometimes have a peek at your website and social media posts. This is sound practice for all artists – keep your website or social media feeds fresh.

We happily answer your questions by email at

We are looking forward to seeing your work. Best of luck!


Image: The Sand Letter by Seeeklab, Shortlisted in the 3D/Interactive category in 2017

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