A London victory

By Carla Rapoport March 2, 2018

Our fingers and toes have been crossed for the last few months as we waited for the announcement of the first London Borough of Culture. Last week, to our delight, London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan awarded the prize for 2019 to Waltham Forest, our partners for the last two years for our ‘Adventures in Digital Art’ show at the Winns Gallery. We had pitched two proposals that went forward as part of the bid and happily, these will now go ahead – which is why you see a very happy artist to the left of Sadiq Khan (pictured, left). That’s the 2017 Lumen Prize People’s Choice winner Zarah Hussain, whose proposal ‘Molecules in the Marshes’ was mentioned by the mayor in the award ceremony and clearly contributed to the success of Waltham Forest’s winning bid. In addition to working with Zarah to bring this ambitious, exciting new work to life in the borough’s wetlands, we’ll also be bringing the ‘Fountains of Life’ project to the WF City Hall’s remarkable fountain (pictured, top). This will include a monthly light installation to be commissioned from Lumen artists, among others, in collaboration with This Must Be The Place, a placemakers’ agency, and collaborator on past Lumen events.

This is fantastic news for London – not just Waltham Forest – as these two projects will be bringing the delights of digitally-created art to tens of thousands of people in the city; people who might not normally visit an art gallery or museum. We’re super-excited about helping to create brand new audiences for art – as well as exciting opportunities for artists. Big congratulations to Waltham Forest and the mayor’s office for promoting such a wonderful gift to the city.

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