A longer Longlist

By Carla Rapoport August 16, 2017

With three new awards this year, the 2017 Lumen Prize Longlist has grown longer – consisting of work by 93 artists from 22 countries worldwide, including India, Russia, Turkey, Iran and Brazil. As the judges are working on paring this list down to a Shortlist, now’s the time to choose your own favourite artwork to win the People’s Choice Award.

As you scroll through the works, you’ll notice that this year’s longlist is more politically engaged than previous years. It includes many works which take up political and social issues such as continuing concerns about privacy online, Brexit, the degradation of the oceans and the refugee crisis in the Mediterranean and Europe. As governments struggle to find political solutions for these concerns – or choose to ignore them – it’s good to see digital artists taking these topics head on through artistic expression employing tools such as VR, AR, A.I. and other goodies in the digital toolbox.

Six years ago, when the prize was launched, Lumen decided not to direct artists on the nature of their submissions or ask for entries on a particular theme. It’s interesting to see that as the prize has evolved, artists are increasingly choosing themes for themselves and these works are finding favour with the judges. No doubt we’ll see more of this trend in the years to come.

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