All Change Please

By Carla Rapoport February 7, 2019

There comes a time in a founder’s life where her baby starts to look all grown-up. With the 8th Lumen Call for Entries about to open, Lumen Prize for Art and Technology is now established, with a real fan base and a stellar roster of artists who’ve been longlisted, selected as finalists or won awards. It’s been a total pleasure to bring their work to new audiences and celebrate their achievements.

Which is why I’m stepping down from running the prize and handing it over to the incredibly capable Céline Villaneau, Lumen’s very own digital nomad who is running our websites and the competition while flying around the globe. I’m moving myself into the ‘bringing their work to new audiences’ bit I mentioned above, and with this in mind, have launched Lumen Art Projects Ltd.

Lumen Art Projects is a not-for-profit private limited company which is dedicated to the slogan its director, Jack Addis, came up with: Art and Technology for Everyone. I’m the CEO, and together with Jack, we aim to bring the excitement of art that engages with the technology – from the latest cutting edge tools to the oldest ones imaginable – to new audiences everywhere.

China calls

It’s an ambitious brief but we’re up for it. We’ve already teamed up with an small but growing list of partners who like what we do – from commissions for the Level G programme at London’s Barbican Centre to a container-sized show for Somerset’s community-focused Contains Art to a 5-month interactive family-friendly exhibition for Eureka! The National Children’s Museum in Halifax which attracted 170,000 visitors. We also have strong links to China where we partner with our Asia Representative, Huijun Guan. Last year, she produced Light Up Bashu in ChengDu, featuring 4 Lumen artists, one of whom’s work is featured above, created by 2015 Gold Award winners, Gibson/Martelli.

The good thing about change is it keeps us fresh. We are looking at an exciting future but there is a scary bit in all of this. Lumen Art Projects stands or falls on the strength of the artists we connect to through the prize. So please get the word out. If we’re going to build audiences and opportunities, we need to find the very best artists creating technology and get them to apply. Thanks in advance for all your help!

Lastly, please check out Lumen Art Projects’ mission, goals and achievements so far – feedback welcome! My new email address is

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