Moving Image Award

Avyakrta: The Unanswered Questions

Sungjae Lee

South Korea

‘Avyakrta: The Unanswered Questions’ is a 10-channel digital painting created by Sung-Jae Lee. This project is one of the video works for VH AWARD 2015, promoted by Hyundai Motor Group in South Korea. To appreciate details and the scale of this work, this edited version has the camera work with its main parts.


In this video content, the images of semi-materials/semi-non-materials constantly change their appearance while repeating their habitual movements for 12 minutes of playing time. Sometimes the images change statically, and other times, passionately. This one single changing image is played on 10 screens. The image is played at different times, for 1 minute and 12 seconds per screen. These 10 images change their appearance while following each other; they match each other at times, but ultimately overthrow others. They are all fundamentally the same as one another, but they look different at every moment. They constantly try to reconcile but get farther away and they become something entirely else when they get closer.