Web-Based Award

Farm Tableaux

Sylvia Grace Borda


Sylvia Grace Borda has worked closely to create the first explorative artworks in Google Street view in partnership with Google Business StreetView photographer, John M Lynch. Her series simply entitled FARM TABLEAUX captures farmers  enacting a routine activity, but unlike conventionally staged photographs, the observer can explore these framed compositions within an interactive Google StreetView landscape.

Sylvia tasked each of the TABLEAUX participants to stand motionless for periods of up to 40minutes in order to be captured by Google cameras. In this way, Sylvia has cleverly reverse engineered photographic practices in which the slow exposures of 19th century photography resulted in studio sitters being propped up for minutes to allow portrait images to be recorded. The artist staged her subjects to become 3-dimensional portrait sitters caught by the camera in multiple viewpoints in space and time. The artist breaks with Sontag’s notion of a singular frame offering viewers multi-viewpoints. Her choreographed scenes of farming landscapes has fundamentally expanded the vocabulary and notion of contemporary art, public space, and representations of agriculture.

In Rondriso Farms, Surrey,BC, Canada the viewer can explore first hand Pam Tamis reviewing the farm accounts at their market shop.  Outside of the farm shop, one can travel and see the cow barns as well as Ron Tamis and his father moving earth in preparation for the next crop rotation.

LINK: http://tinyurl.com/jclffhx

This body of artwork has been authored as a partnership between artist-photographer, Sylvia Grace Borda, and Google Trusted Street View photographer, John M Lynch. The completed panosphere photographs are stitched and mapped to reside within the Google Street View engine.