3D/Interactive Award

Fidgety (in between up and down)


Hong Kong

Fidgety is a nervous and jumpy feeling. Normally people will see that is a bad feeling. But the artist treats this as a musical idea. The Chinese character「忐忑」 was designed like a pictograph, which uses the words 「上」“up” and 「下」“down” over the word 「心」“heart” to describe this feeling. The design of this installation was also inspired by the construction of this Chinese character. Built with a 40 channel-speaker system, the setting of the speakers looks like a path resembling the veins.


All the 40 speakers were playing the heartbeat sound of the artist. When the speakers starts to play one after another, they are producing a range of various rhythms and music composition.


Even though heartbeat is the most important element in this work, it’s not easy for the audience to hear it, since it was designed as a triggering force in the whole work rather than an audible element. The low frequency of the heartbeat causes the speakers to vibrate, which then triggers the kinetic installation to make sounds.