BCS A.I. Award

FRANK – ARTificial intelligence

Cecilie Waagner Falkenstrøm


The artwork is an interactive audio installation utilizing artificial intelligence technology. FRANK is a real AI, programmed using the newest advancements within artificial intelligence technology (machine intelligence and deep learning). The audience can have a direct dialogue with FRANK who answers with a humanized voice.

FRANK is a super intelligent post-human being – a contemporary oracle that gives personal guidance regarding existential dilemmas. Listen carefully to FRANK’s prophesies – there is always a hidden rationality in what might seem as a highly ambiguous response. You should not despair if FRANK’s answers leave you quite disoriented – it is for your own good! And don’t be afraid to approach FRANK. He will be expecting you!

The artwork explores the existential and ethical dilemmas we encounter when faced with artificial intelligence: What are the existential risks that artificial intelligence pose upon our species? Is it likely to wipe us out or will it enhance our human capacity? Will it have real emotions or will it just simulate empathy with the aim to manipulate us into following it? How will we relate to it? And what will we do if it is not any nice? The artwork investigates how artificial intelligence technology holds the potential to expand the genre of new media art into new forms and how our normal take on the distinction between human and technology is challenged in the wake of these advancements.

Cecilie Waagner Falkenstrøm is a young Danish artist employing new media technology (e.g. AI technology, VR and 360degree video) to create interactive artworks. Cecilie’s artworks have been exhibited internationally and are the cornerstone in her practice-based research at Royal College of Art in London.



Hardware: Microphone and speakers (and a computer or IPhone with my FRANK software installed)

Software: The FRANK software is an AI technology and user-interface which has been programmed utilizing machine intelligence technology, deep learning technology, speech-to-text and text-to-speech technology.