Interactive Award

Laser Light Synths

Seb Lee-Delisle

United Kingdom

“Laser Light Synths is probably the best-executed (and most fun) public interactive art piece I’ve seen” – Deb Chachra

Laser Light Synths is a large-scale outdoor interactive light installation that gives members of the public the chance to feel the exhilaration of performing live music. It features 4 custom-made super bright LED emblazoned synths, and powerful lasers projecting visuals that respond to the music and cover the building with shimmering dancing lights.

Everyone is innately musical. The brain power required to listen, process and enjoy music is astonishing, and if you can enjoy it then you can make it. These musical instruments remove all barriers – now everyone can express their individual musicality. The synths have been designed to use a carefully selected musical scale so that they remain perfectly in harmony with each other. This makes them easy to play (there are no wrong notes!) and yet expressive enough that you feel fully in control.

The Light Synths themselves are custom made and programmed by the artist. They connect to a MacBook Pro running Ableton Live. A second MacBook Pro runs the laser visualisations, custom coded by the artist in C++ and openFrameworks. Laser : 11W RTI Piko RGB laser. The project is highly flexible, from one or two synths in an indoor setting all the way up to the full scale outdoor installation. More information about the build process can be seen on this Hackaday Live presentation :…