Lichtsuchende by Dave Murray-Rust and Rocio von Jungenfeld
BCS A.I. Award


Dave Murray-Rust and Rocio von Jungenfeld

University of Edinburgh Development Trust (Innovation Initiative Fund), New Media Scotland (Alt-w), Design-Informatics (University of Edinburgh), School of Engineering and Digital Arts (University of Kent), and SOCIAM (EPSRC)

Lichtsuchende is an interactive installation, built using a society of biologically inspired, robotic creatures who exchange light as a source of energy and as a means of communication. The robotic creatures are reminiscent of sunflowers, turning their heads to face the sun in order to absorb its light. However, at the same time they also generate light in order to engage with others. Each creature is relatively small, but when a group of Lichtsuchende are brought together in an installation they form an expanding photo-kinetic social environment in which visitors can become immersed.