Silver Award


Scenocosme : Grégory Lasserre & Anaïs met den Ancxt


Métamorphy artwork offers immersive projections of body by mixing real and imaginary reflects. Métamorphy refers to metamorphosis notion and the prefix « méta » means ideas of change, succession, to go beyond. The semi-transparent veil has an elasticity which is incorporated within the process of metamorphosis. The veil is deformed when the spectator interacts, and it becomes again rigid when the spectator stops touching it. This artwork offers an oneiric travel through sensory interactions with the veil. It is a kind of sensitive skin, tactile interface of a dream. The exploration of depths into the veil reveals various meditative universes, through organic, liquid or incandescent substances.
Gestures of spectators on the veil allow to change matter of images and sounds: three-dimensional distortions generate visual and sound video matters which are transformed in real time through their interactions. Like a music score, each interaction zone on the fabric offers sonorous matters (sound effects) when the spectator pushes on it with his hand. Then, when nobody interacts with the veil, it becomes rigid and virtual matters disappear. The spectator’s reflection only remains.