VR/AR Award

Nature Abstraction

Matteo Zamagni, Ben Hur and David Li

United Kingdom

Nature Abstraction is an immersive sensory experience that explores the arcane forms of fractals, mathematical visual representation of natural and biological forms.

The project gives an insight of their aspects through virtual reality, where they appear as three planets: Birth, Communion and Aether; Each accompained with scores designed to facilitate meditative state and relaxation. The fractals have also been processed through Google’s Deep Dream, transforming the fractal landscapes into morphing psychedelic patterns that our eye will recognize as very familiar shapes although the way the images are created only aims to create a variety of random patterns on the canvas.

The audience is guided to explore these planets and dive into their vast complexities as well as observing the contrast between the entirely digital created world inside the VR against the fully analogue created film projected onto the faces of the cube which have been filmed in real life, recreating using analogue visual effects and various chemical elements.

Installation/Fractals : Matteo Zamagni
Scores : Daniel Ben-Hur
Deepdream : David Li

The VR files are made in Mandelbulb 3D (specialize fractal software) and Google Deep Dream. Composited together in after effects and premiere.

Software: touch designer (for realtime VR output)

Desktop PC, Oulus Rift, Headphones, custom hardware for installation.

Projectors: x4 8000 lumen.