Gold Award

Plastic Reflectic

Thijs Biersteker

Plastic Soup foundation, Front404, Better Future Factory


Plastic Reflectic is an interactive installation that brings the plastic soup alive.

The work shows people that their plastic use behaviour can influence the rapidly growing plastic soup and encourages viewers to keep plastic out of our oceans, where it can enter our foodchain and thus prevent nano plastics from entering our bodies.

This interactive experience pushes the boundaries between science and magic, interactivity and playfulness, and offer an experience to the viewer that is accessible both intellectually and technologically whilst provoking a new perspective on a pressing issue.

Hardware : 600 servo engines, 2 Ardruino, 27 ardruino uno, 3.7 KM of cable, motion capture sensors and kinect.
Custom code and programming for the fluididity of the movement of the “plastic pixel grid” .