2018 Winners

For the very first time, a portrait created by a machine has won a major global art prize.


In a landmark victory for an artist engaging with technology, Mario Klingemann carried off the Lumen Prize Gold award for his work, The Butcher’s Son. The other 8 prize winners underline the international nature of digital art, including artists from South Korea, China, the US and UK.

Gold Award

The Butcher’s Son

by Mario Klingemann

A neural network’s interpretation of the human form. This image has been generated entirely by a machine using a chain of GANs (generative adversarial neural networks). In this chain a randomly generated stick-figure is used…
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Still Image Award
Overload (Consequence)
by Mark Lyons
Moving Image Award
Avyakrta: The Unanswered Questions
by Sungjae Lee
3D/Interactive Award
Fidgety (in between up and down)
by GayBird
VR/AR Award
by New Reality Company
BCS A.I. Award
Degenerative Cultures
by Cesar & Lois
The Meural Student Award
The Punishment of Tantalus
by Ziwei Wu
The Rapoport Award for Women in Art & Tech
In Defence of Industry
by Felicity Hammond
People’s Choice Award
Aerobanquets RMX
by Mattia Casalegno