2018 Winners

For the very first time, a portrait created by a machine has won a major global art prize.


In a landmark victory for an artist engaging with technology, Mario Klingemann carried off the Lumen Prize Gold award for his work, The Butcher’s Son. The other 8 prize winners underline the international nature of digital art, including artists from South Korea, China, the US and UK.

Gold Award

The Butcher’s Son

by Mario Klingemann

A neural network’s interpretation of the human form. This image has been generated entirely by a machine using a chain of GANs (generative adversarial neural networks). In this chain a randomly generated stick-figure is used…
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Still Image Award
Overload (Consequence)
by Mark Lyons
Moving Image Award
Avyakrta: The Unanswered Questions
by Sungjae Lee
Interactive Award
Fidgety (in between up and down)
by GayBird
VR/AR Award
by New Reality Company
The BCS AI Award
Degenerative Cultures
by Cesar & Lois
The Meural Student Award
The Punishment of Tantalus
by Ziwei Wu
The Rapoport Award for Women in Digital Art
In Defence of Industry
by Felicity Hammond
People’s Choice Award
Aerobanquets RMX
by Mattia Casalegno