2016 winners

Gold Award

Hyperplanes of Simultaneity

by Fabio Giampietro & Alessio De Vecchi

In Fabio Giampietro’s work the barriers of art come tumbling down and a relation of continuity and simultaneity between the three spatial dimensions and time becomes tangible, though still imponderable, at the viewer’s eyes. His…
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3D/Sculpture Award
by Esther Rolinson and Sean Clark
Moving Image Award
by boredomresearch
Interactive Award
Laser Light Synths
by Seb Lee-Delisle
VR/AR Award
Nature Abstraction
by Matteo Zamagni, Ben Hur and David Li
Still Image Award
Fifty Sisters
by Jon McCormack
Web-Based Award
Farm Tableaux
by Sylvia Grace Borda
Distinction for Games
Eddy Melody
by Wengu Hu
People’s Choice Award
by Kim Chaeyeon, Gangneung