2017 winners

The 2017 winners took a strong political tone, with many reflecting big political events and growing environmental concerns. For the first time, the top prize was taken by an interactive work of art, ‘Plastic Reflectic’ by Thijs Biersteker, highlighting the ability of the genre to both entertain and educate in an captivating aesthetic.

Gold Award

Plastic Reflectic

by Thijs Biersteker

Plastic Reflectic is an interactive installation that brings the plastic soup alive. The work shows people that their plastic use behaviour can influence the rapidly growing plastic soup and encourages viewers to keep plastic out of…
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Founder’s Award
Slide To Expose
by Nicole Ruggiero
3D/Sculpture Award
Reading Plan
by Lien-cheng, Wang
Moving Image Award
Heroic Makers vs Heroic Land
by Isabelle Arvers
VR/AR Award
Nothing Happens
by Michelle & Uri Kranot
Web-Based Award
The desire to stay in the sun
by Fabio Dartizio
Still Image Award
Block Bills
by Matthias Dorfelt
The Placemaking Special Commendation Award
Ad infinitum
by David Glicksman and Moses Journey
The Meural Student Award
Capillaries Capillaries
by Tadej Droljc
BCS A.I. Award
FRANK – ARTificial intelligence
by Cecilie Waagner Falkenstrøm