Arboreal + Shapeshift

Eureka! The National Children's Museum

Step into new worlds with Lumen Art Projects at Eureka! The National Children’s Museum in Halifax, Yorkshire. Our second commission with Eureka is two floors of installation in Eureka’s Spark Gallery, including Arboreal, a digital forest world full of interactive games and Shapeshift which features immersive, interactive art works that react to your movement. 

Arboreal is a brand new, immersive digital environment, created by 2016 Lumen Prize award winners and animators David Glicksman and Moses Journey. Highlights of the experience include:

  • Become a DJ to create your own beats and loops in a magical crystal cave.
  • Interact with digital fireflies as they swirl and land on you – don’t forget to get a selfie
  • Try to win our multiplayer memory game against our acoustic amphibians – you’ll need to be quick!
  • Spot digital creatures moving in huge floor-to-ceiling projections and propel pixel bugs to feed a glowing, greedy animated monster
  • Dodge the glow-worms as they chase you on the interactive forest floor
  • Play against a friend on our giant dynamic pinball machine

Shapeshift, one floor up, features three large-scale exhibits where your physical movements trigger a digital response.

  • Interact with floor-to-ceiling digital exhibits that respond to YOU
  • Move your body to control, morph and effect the exhibits
  • Draw on a tablet to see your creation brought to life by flipping black and white discs
  • Interact with giant touchscreens to control multi-coloured shapes and different sounds
  • See butterflies appear as a floor-to-ceiling projection senses your movement
  • Jump, dance and move and see the thousands of tiny particles respond on a huge projection screen.

These two shows, which will run for six months, are a collaboration with Lumen, Universal LIVE and Eurkea.

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