Genetic Moo
28/05/2018 — 22/06/2018

Lumen presents : Microworld

Andrew Lamont Gallery

Lumen Prize-winning artists, Genetic Moo, will be exploring digital ecosystems in a month-long interactive show at Theatr Brycheiniog’s Andrew Lamont gallery. The walls and ceilings will be filled with light and geometric projections that will use computer algorithms designed by the artists to create ever-changing environments. Animated creatures will respond to space, seeking colours, food, and light in an aesthetic battle for survival.

Over the half-term week, there will be a series of free workshops for children and adults where you can add your own computer code to the mix. You will learn how to use simple creative coding to generate dynamic patterns and bring alive digital creatures which will then be projected onto the walls joining into the Microworld.

Microworld has been brought to the Andrew Lamont Gallery at Theatr Brycheiniog by the Llangasty-based Lumen Prize for Digital Art, founded in 2012 to celebrate the very best art created with technology through an annual competition and global tour of events. The Brecon show follows Lumen events in Beijing and St Petersburg.

Genetic Moo won a Lumen Prize in 2013 and have been part of the family ever since, delivering creative coding workshops and installations across the UK.

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