Lumen Presents Microworld: Brecon

Andrew Lamont Gallery

Andrew Lamont Gallery, Top Floor, Theatr Brycheiniog, Canal Wharf, Brecon LD3 7EW


Lumen Prize-winning artists Genetic Moo (aka Nicola Schauerman and Tim Pickup) are filling The Andrew Lamont Gallery at Theatr Brycheiniog with their playful and evocative animations for an innovative digital art exhibition: The Lumen Prize presents: Microworld Brecon at Theatr Brycheiniog’s Andrew Lamont gallery, marking Lumen’s first show in Brecon since it was founded in nearby Llangasty in 2012.


During the May half-term holidays, Genetic Moo invited the local community to get involved. They ran a week of coding workshops and drop-ins in the gallery and helped people of all ages (6yrs-75yrs) to make their own digital artworks to be incorporated into the show. These were great fun and over 60 locals used Processing to generate creative coding animations, and built artificial life forms in Genetic Moo’s creature building Animat program. Each workshop produced different geometries and motions and the Animats had a selection of new muscles and springs to bring them to life. Tim and Nicola then stitched these together into 5 large scale projections which are spread around the gallery creating a huge ever changing Microworld.


On top of the participant’s contributions Genetic Moo added some small scale microorganisms of our own; water-fleas, cockroaches, coral and the like. With hundreds of moving parts they started to think of this piece as a single entity which they are now calling Superorganism.


After a big effort to get all these elements together, the opening party at the end of the week was a charming evening with real interest from the Brecon crowd. The show runs for the month and there has already been a lot of interest with the workshop participants coming back to see how their creations were incorporated. 


The Lumen Prize for Digital Art celebrates the very best art created with technology and has curated 40 Lumen exhibitions in 13 countries. ‘Genetic Moo’ are a collaboration between artists Nicola Schauerman and Tim Pickup, who won the 2013 Lumen Founder’s Award. They are based in Margate but work all over the UK and abroad with digital arts organisations, and are members of the arts collective The London Group. Tim and Nicola describe their work as “living installations in pixels and light”.


The Usk River Trust also enabled this exhibition to come to Brecon and work with the community.


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