Fifty Sisters launches Lumen’s online channel

By Charlotte Lee March 28, 2017

The Lumen Prize is delighted to announce the launch of Lumen’s online curated channel on the digital platform Meural. Giving you access to some of the best digital art, the Meural canvas provides a new and dynamic way to experience art away from the exhibition and gallery space.

The beautifully crafted Meural frame lets you change the art on your walls via your phone or through gesture control, and each month the work of a Lumen artist will be showcased with their very own collection. In the coming months, you’ll be able to discover the collections of Edward Bateman, Harvey Goldman, Nicolas Bernier, Claire Reika Wright, Julia Romano and many more!

The partnership has been launched with Jon McCormack’s 2016 Still Image award-winning work Fifty Sisters.  An Australian computer artist, McCormack has created a series of 50 algorithmically grown plants derived from the graphic elements of oil company logos. A comment on the impact that the oil industry has had on the environment, Fifty Sisters uses digital DNA to create new and exotic species of plants.

You can explore the Lumen channel here. 

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