From the Heart

By Carla Rapoport November 13, 2018

First, please look and listen to the remarkable piece of art pictured above. To get started, head down to the vimeo link below and hit play. The extraordinary sounds you’re hearing were made with  40 speakers playing off the sound of the heartbeat of artist, Gaybird Leung. Gaybird won this year’s 3D/Interactive Award with this remarkable work, FIDGETY (In between Up and Down) which both looks and sounds beautiful. You’ll notice that  when the speakers starts to interact with one after another, they produce a lovely range of rhythms and original composition.


Gaybird, who lives in Hong Kong, became fascinated with art that can make sounds from an early age, using technology to refine the process.


For example, even though heartbeat is the most important element in his prize-winning work, it’s not easy to hear, since it was designed as a triggering force in the whole work rather than an audible element. The low frequency of the heartbeat causes the speakers to vibrate, which then triggers the installation to make sounds.


As befits the creator of such an unusual, multi-disciplinary work, Gaybird holds two Masters degrees, one in Philosophy and Creative Media from City University, Hong Kong and the second in Music from the prestigious HK Academy for Performing Art. “Nowadays,” he says, “technology is inseparable from our lives. That’s why I like to use technology as a major element in my art.”


The artist has just finished a new sound installation, called Requiem, which is even more ambitious, including 99 sound sculptures, 9 channels of sounds and a kinetic structure which moves according to the sounds. His inspiration for his work? He gives a rather surprising answer: “Nature, because it keeps changing, every second, every moment.”


To see more of his incredible work, check out his website.

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