New Award, New Partner

By Carla Rapoport August 11, 2017

Lumen is pleased and delighted to welcome a new award and new partner for 2017 – the BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, which is celebrating its 60th birthday this year and next. The new US$1,000 award is aimed at highlighting the exciting work being created by artists using artificial intelligence.

Commenting on the new Artificial Intelligence Award for Digital Art, Brian Runciman, Head of Content for BCS,  says: “Art plays a pivotal role in what it means to be human. The BCS members’ magazine has covered the confluence of technology and art from 1968 to the present day. To paraphrase Brian Eno, all the things we don’t have to do can be considered art. We want to showcase how this most human activity has been furthered by modern technology.”

Given that the main goal of the BCS is to make IT good for society, the fit with Lumen seems a natural. As Brian says, “We want to highlight the fact that technology has always been involved in the extraordinary creativity of artists – and computer technology has unleashed yet more opportunities to express feeling and reflect the human condition.”

Take a peek at the 9 works chosen for the longlist for this new award (scroll down towards the bottom). Included is 2013 Lumen Prize artist Joseph Connor with Unaccountable AI, last year’s winner of the Lumen Interactive Award, Seb Lee-Delisle with The Mindfulness Machine, as well as works by artists living in France, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Canada and the US.

To find out who wins the award – as well as all the others on offer – be sure to join us on September 20th at the Frontine Club for the 2017 Lumen Awards.


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