Nordic Award

We are honoured to be partnering with Sørlandets Kunstmuseum (SKMU)/ Kunstsilo, Kristiansand, Norway, to promote artists working at the intersection between art and technology in Nordic countries, and to enable more Nordic artists to connect with global audiences.

As announced on 9 September, the shortlisted works for this year’s Nordic Award are:

Orpheus in the Metaverse – Simon Saarinen, Finland

The Problem of the Hydra – Maija Tammi, Finland

Deux Mille fleurs/Two Thousand FlowersSøren Krag, Denmark

Tables of Contents – Anny Wang, Denmark

THE HOMELESS OF NEW YORK CITY – Hanne Lise Thomsen, Denmark


Trude Gomnæs Ugelstad, Sørlandets Kunstmuseum/ Kunstsilo’s artistic director comments about the new award: “We are pleased that through the Nordic Award, we can both empower and promote artists who are exploring creative technology in art. We are eager to see artists responding to this call and are honoured to be connected to the Lumen network.”

“Digital art is a significant part of the contemporary art practice; but seems to be marginalized in art history overall. We believe that the Nordic Award can contribute to an increased awareness of artist working in the intersection of art and technology, “ she concludes.

An Exciting Development

Sørlandets Kunstmuseum wants to strengthen this field through its own exhibitions, workshops and lectures. Ms Ugelstad continues: 

“We see a very exciting development in digital art internationally and are very pleased to be able to anchor our commitment to art and technology through this collaboration. We believe that when artist groups such as Tokyo’s teamLab Borderless museum tops the visitor statistics, and institutions such as the Royal College of Art expand their curriculum to include technology, there is a significant change going on that affects the art field. We not only want to experience change but contribute to a shift that we see will be important, both for Nordic artists and their audiences”. 

In addition to a cash prize of US$1000, the winner will also be invited to a dialog with SKMU regarding a possibility of exhibiting the work at the museum.



The founder of the Lumen Prize, Carla Rapoport, adds: 

 ”It is a great honour and privilege to be partnering with Sørlandets Kunstmuseum / Kunstsilo in Kristiansand, Norway, one of Scandinavia’s most innovative and respected art institutions. The museum aims to become a leader among cultural institutions globally in focusing on the very best work created in the intersection of art and technology. We are excited to be their partner on this journey. ”