Taking Shanghai

By Carla Rapoport July 26, 2017

From May 26 to July 2, the Lumen Prize Global Tour invaded the post-industrial spaces of the brand-new Modern Art Museum in Shanghai’s fashionable Pudong District. The show included 22 works by the 2016 Lumen Prize shortlisted and winning artists, included four lectures and attracted 5,100 visitors! More than 26 local media outlets covered the show and you can catch a glimpse of what it looked like here.

Called “Unlimited,” the show featured works including Carla Gannis’s Selfie Handbook, Lumen Prize Gold Award winner Fabio Giampetro’s VR work, Hyperplanes of Simultaneity and Nathan Selikoff’s Audiograph. If you’d like to see a full report on the show, in Chinese and English, please email us at info@lumenprize.com.


Huge thanks go to the Curator, Evelyn Wong, Lumen’s Asia Exhibition Manager Gigi Huan and Lumen’s Global Exhibition Manager Jack Addis. We look forward to returning to Shanghai next year!

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