The BCS Artificial Intelligence Award

Lumen is partnering with the British Computer Society (BCS), the Chartered Institute for IT, for the fourth annual BCS Artificial Intelligence Award for art and technology.

The BCS celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2018 with events aimed at highlighting the past, drawing attention to the issues of today, but also looking ahead for ways to make IT good for society. Art plays a pivotal role in what it means to be human and the BCS marked this with its member magazine’s coverage of the confluence of technology and art back in 1968 – with the launch of the BCS Computer Arts Society – to the present day.

To paraphrase Brian Eno, all the things we don’t have to do can be considered art – and we want to showcase how this most human activity has been furthered by modern technology.

Any tips on what the judges looking for?

The BCS Artificial Intelligence Award is designed to give recognition to artists and their work who have used some form of artificial intelligence in the production of a compelling piece of art.

Technology has always been involved in the extraordinary creativity of artists – and computer technology has unleashed yet more opportunities to express feeling and reflect the human condition. BCS wants to celebrate the coming together of algorithmic processes and the artist’s creative aesthetic with this award.

The 2018 AI Award winner – ‘Degenerative Cultures’

Artist Cesar Baio and collective Lois (League of Imaginary Scientists) won the 2018 BCS A.I Award with the artwork ‘Degenerative Cultures’.

An A.I component analyzes the growth of a fungi consuming a physical book. The text, about the human impulse to control and reshape nature, is destroyed. Readouts of the deterioration of the book and database are visible in a tweeter feed at @HelloFungus.

‘Degenerative Cultures’ has been displayed at the 2018 Brighton Digital Festival.