The Rapoport Award for Women in Art and Technology

Lumen is proud to be offering a dedicated award for women entrants this year, the Rapoport Award for Women in Art and Technology, with a cash prize of $1000.

The Award was launched last year by our founder and CEO, Carla Rapoport, who notes: “While 40% of the entries to the Lumen Prize were women last year, only 30% of the longlist were women and the ratio shrank further in the shortlist. The only woman – who wasn’t part of a collective – to win an award outright last year was Ziwei Wu, who carried off the Meural Student Award.

In thinking how to increase the opportunities for women artists, we decided that an award recognised excellence by a woman artist would be a good first step. No one wants to influence Lumen’s judging on the basis of sex, but by offering a new opportunity for women we are able to widen the chances of women artists to join the winners’ circle.

We’ve been asked if transgender women are eligible and they certainly are. If you are non-binary, you are also eligible. Please find the first winner of the Rapoport Award, below.


Winner, 2018 Rapoport Award for Women in Art and Technology

This photographic installation, In Defence of Industry, by Felicity Hammond, brings into focus the relationship between the industrial history of the northwest of England and the wider Cumbrian landscape, in particular the area’s mining history and the subsequent shift towards the nuclear industry. Using an arresting palette of earthy tones along with a mix of images placed into a built environment, the work raises themes around defence, secrecy and the unseen earth below the surface. This work was commissioned by Sigal Film and Media.