We Are the World (Almost)

By Carla Rapoport June 7, 2018

With the 2018 Call for Entries now closed, our International Selectors’ Committee (ISC) is now hard at work on the tough job of selecting the 2018 longlist. The map above shows where the entries come from, according to PayPal. We’ve counted a total of 48 countries – a new record for Lumen – including two countries you can’t see on the map, Iran and Iraq, where PayPal has yet to be fully operational. A tip of the hat to those artists who listed London as a country. 🙂


We’re thrilled to see entries from Latin America and across eastern Europe, including Slovenia, Ukraine and the Czech Republic, in addition to the US, UK, China, Australia, Japan and Russia. It’s clear we have work to do finding digital artists who in Africa – all ideas for artist networks to reach out to are most welcome!


All together, the ISC will be going through nearly 700 artworks – which is a record for the prize – across five categories: Still, Moving, 3D/Interactive, AR/VR and A.I. We’ll also be judging the works submitted by students for the Student Meural award, which this year came primarily from China, the US, UK and Australia.


Once the longlist is revealed on August 1, all the works will be available to look at via the Lumen website for the 2018 People’s Choice vote, which is open to anyone, anywhere to register and vote. That’s also when the jury panel will begin reviewing the longlist and selecting the works that will become finalists.


The finalists will be announced on September 1, and the winners on September 27, at the Frontline Club in London. Thanks to all who entered – your interest, talent and enthusiasm means so much to us.


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