• People's Choice Voting Now Open

    “The world's pre-eminent digital art prize” - The Guardian Culture Blog

People's Choice Voting Now Open

  • The Lumen Prize has built a strong international reputation for showcasing some of the most exciting contemporary digital art projects. It is to be commended for supporting both established and emerging practitioners working at the leading-edge of digital creativity.

    Michael Takeo Magruder – 2015 Immersive Environments Award Winner

  • Winning the Lumen Prize in 2013 with Apodemy started a new journey for the film, within the Lumen Show and symposiums in London and Athens. The Lumen Prize has been a career changing experience and an opportunity to really challenge myself as an artist.

    Katerina Athanasopoulou, 2013 Lumen Prize Winner

  • "The Lumen Prize is rapidly becoming a well-known international venue and forum for digital art. There is renewed interest in digital art as a leading form of contemporary art and Lumen is helping to support that interest."

    Bruce Wands - Chair, MFA Computer Art, School of Visual Art, NYC

  • I encountered Lumen after being recommended by Animate Projects to jury the 2014 Lumen Prize. What an absolute revelation for me to discover the wide, varied, and thoroughly exciting world of creation in this digital space. I'm eager for the next round of benchmark pioneering projects from Lumen, that will surely astound and shake me!

    Michael Fukushima, Executive Producer, Animation Studio National Film Board of Canada

  • "The opportunities Lumen creates to cross boundaries, both conceptual and literal, are enormous. We are only just beginning to explore the space created for work beyond the usual art hegemonies."

    Jonathan Kearney, Post-graduate Programme Director, UAL, Camberwell College of Art

  • "Technology and art are, and have always been, in a symbiotic relationship. For too long this relationship has been shunned or ignored in the art world. The Lumen Prize celebrates  the union of Technology and Art with a wonderful diversity of work."

    Kevin Vucic Shepherd - 2014 Lumen Prize Artist